About Majestic Outdoors

Steve Sparks has a special place in his heart for kids. He also loves hunting and it was only nat­ural that he found a way to combine all three of his passions: God, Kids and Hunting.

Steve’s idea of a Christian-based hunting experience for youths raised some eyebrows when he started Majestic Outdoors in 2009, but he never let his dream waver. He was president of Backbone Mountain Hunting Club for 15 years and dreamed of having a world class hunting club. God had something different in store.

After Steve recommitted his life to Christ, God showed him children who wanted to explore and learn about hunting and the outdoors but did not have a way to fulfill this dream. It was then he began working toward transforming Backbone Mountain Hunting Club to Majestic Outdoors Ministries.

Steve grew up enjoying the outdoors and he is amazed that many of the young people have never done anything outdoors-re­lated. Many come from single-pa­rent homes where there has never been a male around to teach them how to fish or hunt -- or teach them anything.

At the base of the organization is a 12,000-acre lease of forest land near Pell City, AL. where hunt­ing club members are hand-selected, with money from memberships dues used to finance the program for youths. Members serve as mentors for the young people, most of which have never gone hunting. "We look for members who have a heart for kids".

The organization has received tremendous support from the community and local businesses. They like the group's game plan of teaching life lessons with biblical principles.

Today, Majestic Outdoors Min­­istries in Pell City is a driving force in the area for youths looking for some direction in life where the organiza­tion has mentored 300+ youth per year.